Bin Ghurair Trading was incorporated in 1990, initially starting as a specialty supplier of Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated steel doors, frames & ironmongeries, servicing the construction industry. During the past 27 years, the company has evolved into a leading distributor and manufacturer of these products.


Steel door and frame products have earned an enviable reputation with architects engineers, and construction trade professionals around the world. It provides a wealth of benefits uncommon in competing products. When specifying door and frame systems for your next project, consider the many demonstrated benefits of steel products. Steel products are rugged, long-lasting, and offer great endurance through time. They resist environmental stress like heat and humidity that adversely impact other door and frame products. Steel products are easy to maintain and ensure virtually trouble-free operation for many years. Steel door and frame products are also an ideal solution to any degree of security.
To meet the varied needs of the construction industry, Bin Ghurair manufactures a wide range of steel doors and frames for interior and exterior use, by using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. FORT® doors are produced in many sizes, gauges, and designs to meet the needs of architects, owners,s, and contractors. ​Bin Ghurair Trading has experienced professionals which will take care of your projects from estimation, manufacturing, shipping, and installation of the material on the job site. Our team of professionals includes qualified engineers, quantity surveyors, computer specialists, and project managers.


FORT has a complete collection of frame types that are available in various gauges. FORT Frames are available in various profile face dimensions, gauges, and door opening sizes to suit any requirement in the construction industry today.
​​ FORT frame has many construction types: welded, full welded, knockdown, adjustable, hospital frames all fire-rated and nonfire rated to match the architectural and safety requirements.

In addition to FORT Frames, we offer FORT Screens, FORT Borrowed Lites, FORT Transform Frames, FORT Slide Lites, and many other custom configurations, which allow total design freedom in developing, aesthetically pleasing, functional units as required by the demands of today’s architecture.


FORT® Honeycomb door has a paper honeycomb core. The core is permanently bonded to door skins strengthening the structural integrity of the door, enhancing long-term performance and durability, while significantly reducing the weight.

FORT® door is constructed with HONICEL paper-honeycomb from the N.L. Honeycomb was developed as a structural core for military aircraft wings during World War II. Among its advantages are a high strength-to-weight ratio, uniform crushing strength, high shear strength, and excellent impact resistance. It is durable, can be treated to resist decay and insects. The rigid honeycomb structure is integrated with the door to form hundreds of small I-beams with door, with a uniform thickness and flat surface that makes it easy to add lites, louvers, or other features. It reinforces the full width and height of the door. Door edges are mechanically interlocked to the full height of the door. Top and bottom inverted channels provide stability and protection. Beveled hinge and lock edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, to ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking.


FORT® stiffened door has vertical steel-stiffeners throughout the height of the door. The stiffeners can be of Z-section, U-Channel, Offset-channel or Hat Sections welded to each skin of the door. Rockwool-stiff ened core is the most reliable and durable construction.

Rockwool Stiffened doors are used for exterior doors, where rigidly is important. They are available in varying degrees of strength and quality. The thickness of the stiffeners can vary, the majority is made of 20 gauge steel. Heavier gauges can be used, particularly on security doors. The stiffeners are welded to each other at the top and bottom and to the inside door skins. The cavities between two stiffeners can be filled with Rockwool or any insulating material. Door edges are mechanically interlocked the full height of the door. Top & bottom inverted channels provide stability and protection. Beveled hinge and lock edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, to ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking.
resistance to Impact damage.



Bin Ghurair (Wooden Doors): having the capacity of meeting the continuous market needs of wooden (Timber) doors. BGT provides you with the best solutions of wooden doors for your building;

Solid Wooden Wooden Doors/ Main Entry Wooden Doors
Fire Rated Doors; 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes Fire Rated Wooden Doors
Internal Doors and Sliding & Folding Wooden Doors.
Bin Ghurair Hardware (Ironmongery): Being the business partner of the world's best brands of door hardware, such as: AssaAbloy Brands e.g. UNION & TESA, DORMA, GEZE, HAFELE, LAIDLOW, EUROLEVER, HOPPIE…etc.

BGT has acquired valuable experience in the field, providing our customers with cost effective, innovative and premium quality of door hardware solutions. Our Door Hardware Product Ranges, are certified according to the European (EN BS) standards, & American (ANSI/UL) standards; with the specified & required high quality finishes, as per design & regulations.

In-house certified Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) is available to assist you in selecting HW according to the required functionality. The professional selection scope (before or after contract) supports consultants and contractors with value engineering for the perfect doors and hardware match, providing optimum solutions at best costs.

Satisfying Project Specifications & Requirements: Having the expertise of the door hardware products, considering the optimum specifications and highest standards of quality service of the growing construction industry in the area, gives BGT the capacity of fulfilling all types of projects' requirements, according to the international standards & local regulations.
Full Package (Fire rated Steel, Wooden and glass doors with Hardware),